Deep Roots.

We believe capital investments are rooted in relationships, prosperity, and liberty.

A father and son planting a tree.
Our Story

We started with only one goal:
to grow investments

We are a small-town couple with a hugely successful medical company and real estate business who decided to create Lynniam Farms to prioritize multiplying capital through carefully placed investments.

We know what it means first-hand to invest blood, sweat, and tears into a business. Because of that, we decided to help other companies build lasting prosperity. We know growing capital can be stressful, so we like to keep it fun, honest, and flexible.

Taking care of plants.A loving family sitting outside the home

The core values that drive everything we do

Growth Oriented

The chief purpose of our company is to encourage and help others grow as we have.


A paramount aspect of owning and growing a company. The owners who have fun, succeed.


From the beginning we strived for the next step, then the next, until we reached success. We want to see that same drive in our investments.


Without humility you can forget where you started, and when that is lost it is difficult to keep moving forward.

Harvesting GROWTH Opportunities Is What We Like To Do!