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We invest in and grow enterprises to help build lasting prosperity.

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Building an enterprise starts by investing in people we consider FAMILY.

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Our Approach

We keep it real! Not stiff and coat/tie.

Unlike other funds, we are founders, owners, and executives ourselves. We are a small-town couple with a hugely successful medical company and real estate business who decided to create Lynniam Farms to prioritize multiplying capital through carefully placed investments. We know what it means first-hand to invest blood, sweat, and tears into a business. We know what it's like to care for a team that soon becomes your work family. Just like YOU, we are in this! We are here to work alongside you to go the distance.

Our family-oriented approach and investment expertise sets us apart as we procure and grow businesses throughout the United States.

Our Growth Model

Let's plant it and Grow!

1. We focus on successful small businesses...with room to grow

If a company is run well with a proven track record and a focused energy, we will collaborate and guide the team to new heights.

2. Create the plan for growth

With the company’s team by our side, we let our experience and expertise chart a course for further success and growth.

3. We help you lead the way!

Often with growth comes growing pains. We strive to eliminate that by empowering the people who keep the company rooted. When they experience personal growth, security, and peace of mind, it strengthens the foundation of the company immeasurably.

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