Our Approach

We are not conventional! And therefore, we are not held down by the same constraints, minimum returns, inflexibility, or defined time horizons as other fund companies. Instead, we are acquiring successful enterprises focused on Leaders we consider family with long-lasting growth.

We are looking for acquisitions within the following industries:





& Finance


Who's business...

Eternally profitable business that serves a need that is very unlikely to go away.
Has EBITDA that is $500K or more.

And has a stable business that has yet to tap its FULL potential in the following spaces:

Use existing cash flow for
innovation, upgrades, and talent

We Focus on Small to Mid-Size businesses

We take on small to mid-size companies whose earnings are around $2M. The business has a tremendous initial setup. We will work with the founders and team to offer guidance on operational improvement, marketing and help with new and innovative ideas to elevate earnings and cash flow.

Evergreen Strategy

We can tailor our investment design to the investment itself. With the company's team by our side, we let our experience and expertise chart a course to elevate efficiencies for better success and growth.

Leadership and Relationships

Often with growth comes growing pains. We strive to eliminate that by empowering the people who keep the company rooted. There needs to be focused energy on employees' livelihood and wellbeing. When employees experience personal growth, security, and peace of mind, it strengthens the company's foundation immeasurably and leads to higher levels of excellence and growth.

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